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DUI accident in Illinois leaves young woman paralyzed

A woman in Illinois was injured seriously in a car accident, and she has been forced to use a wheelchair ever since. Among other injuries, her pelvis was crushed in the crash, she developed a blood clot near her brain, and she was trapped in the car. There were three other people with her — including the driver — who were able to get out of the vehicle.

The accident threw the vehicle off of the road, where it tumbled about 20 feet away and overturned. The driver was allegedly under the influence of alcohol at the time, and the police department says that he also left the scene of the crash. He was 28 years old when this occurred, and he had apparently offered to give the other three a ride home.

The woman who was injured was just 25 years old at the time. Her mother says that she was yelling to the driver, asking him to call 911 so that she could get medical assistance since she could not move and was trapped, but he ignored her and left quickly.

The family has now started a lawsuit that targets the driver of the vehicle. Also named in the lawsuit are two of the clubs where the group had been drinking before driving toward home.

The driver is also facing criminal charges.

When a DUI crash causes serious injuries, even to people who are in the car with the alleged drunk driver, it is important for those who have been hurt to know what legal rights they have, especially if they need long-lasting medical care for their injuries.

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