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Apparent DUI accident kills 2 in Illinois

An alleged DUI accident has taken a pair of lives in Illinois, and the driver responsible has now been charged. The woman, who is 27 years old, also got a string of citations from the Illinois State Police, including those for using lanes improperly, passing improperly, driving too quickly and too close to other vehicle, transporting alcohol illegally and not having insurance.

The crash happened near the intersection of Route 125 and Farmingdale Road. It is actually the same place where a previous accident had taken the life of a girl in her teens. The victims in this accident were a man who was 35 years old and a girl of 16. The man was in the same vehicle as the driver who has been charged.

The teen driver in this most recent case had just gotten her license about two weeks before the crash. However, people who were asked were quick to say that she did not deserve blame simply because she was a new driver, as there was no evidence to show that she had made any mistakes or done anything wrong.

The drunk driving charges that have now come down seem to support this, though it is important to note that there has not yet been a conviction. The crash happened on Oct. 26, at about 10:30 at night, so the investigation continues.

A third person, also a passenger in the car with the driver who has been charged, was injured as well. She is 27 years old. The exact extent of her injuries has not been reported at this time.

When a life is taken in a car accident, the surviving family members need to know exactly what legal options they have.

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