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Pedestrian struck and killed in DUI accident in Illinois

A pedestrian passed away after being struck by a pickup truck in Illinois. The driver of that truck has now been picked up on DUI charges; at this time, the police have just said that they suspect that the driver was operating the vehicle while under the influence. The crash happened on Sept. 9, and it was out in McHenry.

Reports show that the police responded to the call by going to West Crystal Lake Road. This was just after nine in the evening. The accident had happened down in the 4200 block of that street.

According to the McHenry Police Department, the person who was hit by the truck was a male. The vehicle itself was a large-bodied pickup, a Ford F-250.

The police did not give out the age of the man who was hit, and they did not identify him in reports. However, they did say that he had died before the emergency crews could take him to the hospital.

The driver of the pickup was not hurt in the accident nor was anyone else. Police are still investigating the events that led up to the fatal crash, and these initial reports did not show exactly how the truck happened to strike the pedestrian or where the man was when he was hit.

After the loss of a loved one, any family needs to know that they may still have legal options, even though the person who was hurt has passed away from their injuries, depending on where the fault is placed at the conclusion of the police investigation.

Source: CBS, “Driver Arrested For DUI After Pedestrian Killed In McHenry Crash” Sep. 10, 2014