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Holding drunk drivers and other parties accountable for injuries

Knowing a loss of life could have been avoided can make processing the death of someone close to you harder. A Chicago driver’s wrongdoing might be punished through a criminal court. Illinois civil courts penalize a driver’s thoughtlessness or reckless by awarding damages to injured victims and surviving family members.

Drunk driving may be the ultimate form of not caring. The driver who risks his or her life and the lives of others, by driving while intoxicated, has little or no regard for safety. Unfortunately, some vendors also act negligently by over serving patrons.

States’ dram shop laws outline motor vehicle accident liability for alcohol sellers and servers. Claims in Illinois can be valid whether or not a patron shows signs of impairment before causing a serious injury crash or fatal drunk driving accident. Plaintiffs in dram shop cases must show the connection between one or more alcohol vendors’ actions, the patron’s intoxication and resulting injuries.

The losses drunk driving victims suffer can be considerable. Injured parties may experience severe physical and emotional suffering, enormous medical costs, long recoveries or permanent disability. Add to that toll a loss of income due to short- or long-term inability to work.

Compensation received through wrongful death awards allows families hit hard by the loss of a loved one to recover financially. In some ways, because liability actions are personal, a civil lawsuit also helps family members find closure in a way government-run criminal trials cannot.

Attorneys take steps to secure the funds victims and families require, so sufferers can move forward with their lives. The legal process can begin soon after an accident, to assist families with distracting interactions with investigators or insurers. With the help of legal counsel, the result can be a satisfying settlement or rightful jury award.

Compensation worries aren’t top of mind for accident victims or grieving families. A lawyer can lift that burden.

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