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Charges for man in fatal Chicago crash who left scene

A man from East Chicago is now facing multiple charges after he was involved in a fatal car accident. He allegedly left the accident scene after the crash occurred, which is a violation in its own right, and reports also indicate that his blood alcohol content was over .15, which is more than the legal limit.

The accident took place close to Michigan Street, around Cline Avenue. One person was badly hurt in the accident, and another was killed. The man who was hurt had to be cut out of his vehicle. After he was freed, the emergency crews took him to Methodist Hospitals Northlake Campus, which is located in Gary. After that, a helicopter was used to bring him to Christ Medical Center, which can be found in Oak Lawn.

The injured man was apparently driving a small car, which was then hit by an SUV. The man who died was a passenger in that car, and he was found in front of the SUV, below the vehicle.

According to witnesses who were also on the road at 3:00 a.m., the SUV was speeding and passing other vehicles, including the one they were in. After it went by, they heard the crash. The witnesses got there in time to see the man who had been driving the SUV, who is 49 years old, get out of the vehicle. By the time the witness retrieved her cellphone to call for help, the man was gone.

A crash with a drunk driver that leads to the loss of a loved one could leave that person’s family with certain rights to compensation. There may be compensation sought for medical expense, final expenses and loss of companionship, among others.

Source: Post Tribune, “Charges filed in Cline Avenue fatal crash” Aug. 15, 2014