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2 teens in Illinois die after speeding car slams into pole

Two teens in Harvey, Illinois, have died after they were involved in a high-speed car accident, according to reports from authorities. Two other teens, including the young man who was allegedly driving the car, are said to be in serious condition. They have been taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police say that the car the group was riding in had been stolen. It had been reported as such to the authorities. The crash itself took place just about ten minutes after 2 in the morning. It happened on East 147th Street, which is also known as Sibley Boulevard, and the vehicle was traveling west at the time. Police have stated that they think it was exceeding the speed limit, though they did not say exactly how fast it was going.

The two passengers who were in the back seat of the car were a 16-year-old boy and a girl who was 18 years old. Both of them were killed in the accident and said to be dead at the scene. The two in the front seat, a young girl and a boy whose exact ages were not given, but who were said to be about the same age as the other two, survived the crash.

Those two were transported by the emergency team to Advocate Christ Medical Center, which can be found in Oak Lawn.

After the loss of a loved one in a car accident that was caused by someone else, it is crucial that the family of the person who died looks into their legal rights, as they need to be aware of their options and have every right to seek compensation.

Source: The Chicago Tribune, “2 teens dead, 2 ‘very serious’ after Harvey crash” Rosemary Regina Sobol, Jul. 27, 2014