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Cyclist killed by cement truck in Illinois

The loss of an ID card turned tragic when the cyclist whose ID had been stolen was riding her bike back home after visiting the Secretary of State’s office. It was on that ride that she was struck by a cement truck, and she died from her injuries. She was just 28 years old.

The woman’s sister said that she was a huge fan of using her bike for transportation and that she had been doing so for about four years.

Reports indicate that the crash happened on Cicero Avenue, while the cyclist was going north. A cement truck was on the same road as her and turned right, going over onto Belmont Avenue. In the process of turning, it clipped the bike. The driver of the truck then stopped his vehicle, and he waited with the woman for the ambulance to get there.

The crash happened right around 10:35 a.m. Just about an hour later, at 11:31 a.m., medical teams said that the cyclist had officially passed away. She had been taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

The autopsy that was done after her death did tie it directly to the wreck, though the report stated that she suffered from a number of injuries that all contributed, rather than naming one specific injury.

After a fatal truck accident, the family of someone who has been killed could be facing medical expenses, including the cost of transporting the injured party to the hospital. It is important for the family to know what legal options they have if they need to get compensation for all of those costs, or if they want additional compensation for their loss.

Source: DNA Info Chicago, “‘Barbie’ Eno, Cyclist Killed by Truck, Remembered as ‘Sweetheart’” Erica Demarest and Paul Biasco, Jul. 07, 2014