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Crash between car and SUV kills 2 in Illinois

A car accident in Illinois was thought originally to have only claimed one life, but recent updates show that one of the five children taken to the hospital in the wake of the crash has also passed away from her injuries. That young girl, who was only 10 years old, suffered from brain injuries in the accident, and she never recovered. A woman who was 58 years old also suffered from head injuries and passed away.

There were four other children in the SUV at the time of the accident. They have all been taken to a hospital for treatment and care. The girl who died was at Rockford Memorial Hospital, but it is unclear if the other children were in the same facility.

The accident itself took place right around 2 p.m., out on Route 173; the site was close to County Line Road. It was a head-on accident, and reports indicate that a car coming the opposite direction as the SUV may have crossed the centerline, drifting into the SUV’s lane and causing the crash.

The condition of the other driver in the accident was not reported. However, even the initial reports indicated that the crash was very serious. A total of three ambulances were sent to the scene, along with two helicopters to airlift those who needed immediate medical care.

Police are still carrying out an investigation into the girl’s death.

After a fatal car accident, the families of those who have been killed should keep an eye on the police investigation to see who was at fault, as it could determine their rights to compensation for the loss of their loved ones.

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