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Car goes wrong way on Illinois interstate, causes 3-car crash

A 24-year-old woman caused an accident in Illinois when she got on I-55 going in the wrong direction. She was driving a Ford Explorer, and she slammed into a pair of other cars that were going to right way, a Chevrolet Avalanche and a Toyota Sienna.

The truck flipped over in the accident, and reports indicate that other drivers actually helped to free the man who was inside. He is 60 years old, and he was stuck in the vehicle. The other drivers who stopped came over to the truck and busted out the back window, kicking through it, to get him out.

One of those men was asked about the incident, and he said that they were not sure how things were going to play out since they heard a loud bang inside of the vehicle. They also saw gasoline all over the ground, leaking out of the truck, so they worked to get the man out as fast as they could. They were worried that it might explode.

That man and the young woman who caused the crash were both injured. The woman was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital, which is located in Downers Grove, and the police have her under arrest.

The crash happened close to Route 53, and all of the lanes of the interstate had to be closed down as a result. It took place near two in the morning.

An accident like this could easily turn deadly. After a fatal car accident, the family who has lost a loved one may want to investigate their legal options. This relates to more than just their options in a court of law, but also to their ability to seek compensation for their loss, medical bills and other expenses.

Source: ABC 7, “Wrong-way driver Yarelie Melgarejo charged with DUI in 3-vehicle crash on I-55,” June 27, 2014