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Bond for driver in deadly Illinois wreck set at $1 million

A semi-truck driver is being held in police custody after he allegedly caused a wreck out on Interstate 55 in Illinois, a crash that took four lives and injured four more people. One of the people who died was a girl of eleven. The truck driver has faced a bond hearing, and his bond has now been set at $1 million. The man is from Leesburg, Indiana, and he is 51 years old.

According to the authorities, the man had been driving for around 12 hours straight, which is more than is allowed under the law. In Illinois, truck drivers cannot go for more than 11 hours at a time.

They also say that the man falsified some of his reports relating to his driving record, which is a felony. On top of that, they say that he did not maintain a record of his duty status at all.

The reports from the crash site indicate that traffic had slowed significantly on the interstate as cars merged together into one lane so that they could pass through a construction zone. The semi was apparently in the left lane, speeding and passing all of the cars that had slowed. When that the driver ran out of space in that lane, he swerved quickly into the right lane, smashing into the back of the cars already in that area.

The chain reaction accident involved three different vehicles, which pictures show as being mangled and completely destroyed by the impact.

Police are very serious about putting an end to truck driver fatigue, but it still can cause accidents. Those injured in these types of crashes, and the families of those who are killed, need to know what legal rights they hold.

Source:  My Fox Chicago, “Driver held on $1 million bond in I-55 crash that killed 4” Jul. 21, 2014