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Apparent drunk driver hits motorcycle, runs, spits on cops

A woman in near Chicago, Illinois, was arrested after a string of alleged crimes, which include driving under the influence, causing an accident, fleeing from the police, spitting on officers and more. The woman is only 18 years old. She is now being held with a bond total of $100,000.

The accident happened at about quarter past seven in the evening on Route 20. The woman crashed into a motorcyclist in Pingree Grove. Rather than stopping, she fled the scene of the crash, but she soon crashed again, this time driving her vehicle into a ditch.

The woman then got out of the car and tried to flee on foot, but it was not hard for deputies to surround her. They arrested her just before eight o’clock. During the arrest, the woman spit on one of the officers, allegedly hitting him in the face.

The driver of the motorcycle was injured but still conscious. Emergency crews took him to Presence Saint Joseph’s Hospital, which is located in Elgin. After a short time, he was then moved to Lutheran General, which is in Park Ridge. His exact condition, including whether or not he is expected to survive, was not released to the public at that time.

Among other things, the woman could be facing a felony for assault while driving under the influence. Her court date is June 25.

When someone on a motorcycle is struck by a drunk driver, there is always the chance that they will be hurt or killed in the accident due to the size difference in the vehicles. After this happens, it is important for the biker and his or her family to understand exactly what rights they have concerning compensation.

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