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2 trucks and a bus collide on Chicago interstate

The Dan Ryan Expressway was closed down in the southbound lanes after an accident, but authorities were able to work hard to get it opened back up again. This happened on Tuesday, June 3, and the lanes were closed off from some time in the afternoon until about 6:30 in the evening.

Two semi-trucks and a bus were all involved in the accident. In the aftermath of the crash, papers could be seen all over the roadway, having spilled from the trailer.

The accident began when one semi went out of control. The vehicle left the road and smashed into a wall made of concrete. The trailer was carrying recycled paper. When it crashed, the trailer broke away from the cab of the truck, slamming into a nearby bus.

The bus, after being struck, swerved away from the impact. Unfortunately, it then smashed into another semi, which in turn ran into the concrete barrier running along the median.

There were 38 passengers on the bus who were developmentally disabled. Some of them were sent to the hospital for treatment, according to the reports from the scene, though the exact number who had to be taken in was not released.

According to the fire department, the bus was traveling between Pilsen and Robbins.

When death or injury results from an accident with a tractor-trailer in which the truck driver is at fault, that driver may be held responsible for the financial impact of the accident. This case is interesting because there were so many different individuals involved. The police investigation into the accident will hopefully determine which driver was at fault and if either of the other drivers bear some fault as well.

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