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Driver hit and killed by truck in Illinois after accident

A Chicago, Illinois, accident that was originally not physically damaging to those involved turned fatal when another truck came to the site. The first accident took place on Division Street, near the Kennedy Expressway, just before 6:30 a.m. A semi-truck and a van collided. Both stopped, and the truck driver got out of his vehicle and began to take pictures of the scene to document the damage that had been done.

While he was doing this, another truck passed him and the van. It was turning onto Division Street and going east. The truck had almost completed the turn when the rear wheels hit the man who was taking pictures. He did not make it to a hospital before he passed away.

The person who was driving the van had to be taken to the hospital, however. She watched the entire second accident unfold, and it was very traumatizing for her. The emergency crews transported her to Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center. The third driver did not suffer any reported injuries.

The accident caused the ramp to be closed down for the investigation by the Chicago Police Department. At this time, they have not released a statement about the cause of the accident or any charges stemming from it.

After a fatal truck accident takes place, the family of the driver who passed away may be interested in their rights regarding a wrongful death lawsuit. While every case is different and it depends to a certain degree on where the police determine that the fault lies, they could be looking at the right to compensation for the death.

Source: The Chicago Tribune, “Driver fatally hit by truck while taking photos of accident damage” Peter Nickeas, Apr. 24, 2014