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Driver drank beer, shots before fatal crash in Illinois

A fatal car accident took place on Lake Shore Drive, and police have determined that the man who was driving the car was under the influence of alcohol when he caused the crash. He has now been charged, though no conviction has been handed out.

According to reports, the man talked to the first responders after the crash, indicating that he had had around six drinks. Some were said to be beer, and some were reported to be shots. He had been at a party, and then he decided to get in his SUV and drive down Lake Shore Drive.

The crash happened because he was in the wrong lanes, traveling in the northbound lanes even though he was going south. He ran his SUV head-on into a taxi that was coming the other way. The accident happened right before two in the morning.

A witness to the scene indicated to authorities that the man may have been intoxicated. Apparently, he got out of his vehicle in the wake of the crash and relieved himself in the median.

Two people who were riding in the cab had not put on their seat belts. One was injured, and the other, a 26-year-old woman was partial ejected and killed. The other passenger, who was also partially ejected, remains in serious condition. The driver of the cab suffered from a broken arm.

After the loss of a loved one, the family of a person who was killed in an auto accident could consider a lawsuit to help cover expenses, such as medical bills, if the other driver was intoxicated and deemed to be at fault. They could also look for further medical compensation if desired.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, “Driver charged in fatal crash had ‘5 to 6’ drinks: prosecutors” Brian Slodysko and Beck Schlikerman, May. 04, 2014