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Illinois student dies after accident with alleged drunk driver

An Illinois State student has passed away after an accident that involved a drunk driver. The man was a senior in college, studying toward a degree in exercise science. He had played some high school and college sports, and his father was a coach. He was very involved in athletics in almost all parts of his life.

The student who died was an organ donor, and many of the people who are remembering him in this time of loss are pointing to that to show his spirit for giving to others. Even after he passed away, he was able to help people who needed it. His friends say that he was always kind, and that he was also witty and funny.

The accident that took the student’s life also left three of his friends with injuries, though none of them are life-threatening. They were all taken to the hospital after the crash, which took place just before two in the morning on a Saturday.

The driver of the other vehicle survived as well, and police found that he had been drinking alcohol before the wreck. He is now facing felony charges for drunk driving. Those charges could change now that he has caused a fatal drunk driving accident, and it is unclear how he will choose to plead.

When a drunk driver causes an accident, those who are injured certainly have a right to seek compensation from the driver for medical bills and other losses and expenses. When someone is killed in the accident, the family retains those same rights, and they may also be able to seek compensation for the wrongful death and their own emotional suffering.

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