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Fatal truck accident on I-55 in Illinois

A fatal truck accident took the life of one man on I-55, in Illinois. The police report from the accident indicates that it took place on Wednesday afternoon, prior to 3 p.m., and the crash was located near south Romeoville. Two trucks collided, and the driver of one of those trucks was killed. No one else passed away as a result of the accident.

The crash took place when a box truck failed to slow or stop in time and ran into the rear of a semi-truck. Both were traveling in the northbound lanes at the time of the collision. There was video of the aftermath of the accident, showing the destroyed front cab of the box truck, but there were not any reports about why the two vehicles collided so violently in the first place.

The driver of the box truck, the trailing vehicle in the accident, is the one who passed away.

The lanes were closed on the interstate for roughly two hours, but at least one of them was opened back up to the public around 5 p.m. Even so, the traffic congestion made for slow travel for commuters.

An accident involving a semi truck can be deadly because of the size and weight of the vehicle itself. Even another large vehicle, like a box truck, does not offer much protection if there is an accident. If the family of a person who was killed in such an accident believes that the driver of the semi truck was at fault, they do have a right to pursue compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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