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Car slams through Starbucks in Illinois

Going out to get coffee became drastically more dangerous at a Starbucks in Illinois when a car drove through the wall of the shop. This happened at about 20 minutes to five in the afternoon. The Starbucks location in question is the one on Barrington Road.

The accident left three people with injuries. One was the driver, and the other two were customers at the Starbucks, according to the Schaumburg Police. These injuries were all reported to be minor, though at least two of the people who were hurt were then taken to the local hospital to get treatment.

Police have indicated to reporters that the driver of the car was 71 years old, a senior citizen who lived in Streamwood. She was simply trying to park her vehicle, but her foot slipped, causing it to press down unexpectedly onto the gas pedal. When this happened, the car accelerated and slammed into the window, bursting through it and entering the shop. The two customers were struck by the car on its way inside.

No citations were given out by the police on the grounds that the place where the accident occurred was private property.

It is fortunate that no one died in the accident, but situations like this can often lead to a fatal car accident since the vehicle strikes pedestrians who are in no way protected from the impact. When this happens, those who have lost a loved one may want to look into their legal rights. Even if no citations were given out, that does not mean that no one was responsible, and that person can be taken to court for financial compensation.

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