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Not guilty plea from trucker involved in deadly semi-truck crash

A trucker who had allegedly been driving more than he was allowed to under current regulations was involved in a deadly crash on the tollway near Chicago, Illinois. Two vehicles, one of which belonged to a state trooper, were stopped on the side of the tollway, where another car had broken down. They were both attempting to help that car’s driver get the vehicle working again. The truck slammed into the parked cars, killing one of the men and injuring the trooper so badly that the doctors have been using medication to keep him asleep while his body heals.

In the wake of the crash, it was discovered that the truck driver may have been on the road for 36 hours, stopping to sleep for only four, in the two days before he crashed. This was said to lead directly to the crash, which could set him up for felony charges due to the fact that it was a fatal truck accident. If the trooper is not able to recover, those charges could become even more complex.

The truck driver has recently pleaded that he is not guilty of these charges. It is unknown at the time what he plans to use to prove his innocence. One piece of evidence showed that he had made false entries in his logbook, allowing him to drive for so long without rest.

The family of the worker who died and the injured trooper and his family may have a right to seek compensation from the truck driver and possibly the driver’s employer. An experienced Illinois personal injury attorney can provide more information about the rights victims and their families have for pursuing compensation.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Trucker in fatal tollway crash pleads not guilty” Clifford Ward, Mar. 03, 2014