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A mother and her son both face DUI charges in Illinois

Both a mother and her son in Illinois were arrested for drunk driving. The first incident took place when the car that the son was driving slid off of the roadway and was stuck in a snowbank. Someone who saw him called it in, reporting it to the police while he was still trying to get the car back on the road. They arrived at the scene, determined that the man was a drunk driver and arrested him.

However, while he was stuck and before the police arrived, the man had actually called his mother. He told her what had happened, asking her to come help. She got in her own vehicle, a van, and drove to the scene of the accident. By this time, the police where there. She told them that she had come to assist him, but they noticed that she was also drunk. They arrested the mother as well, taking both of them down to the station.

On top of the drunk driving charges, the pair is facing related charges for using lanes improperly, stopping in the middle of a lane and driving without any insurance on a vehicle. Police uncovered that the son had drug charges from a month earlier and that he was still supposed to be under supervision because of those charges. The mother’s record was clean up until this incident.

People have a right to use the roadways in any weather without fear of being struck or killed by a drunk driver. When accidents happen in poor conditions and when one vehicle is being driven by someone who is under the influence of alcohol, other cars are often pulled into it, and injuries can be significant. If injuries or even death occur, those drunk drivers can be held liable for the damages they caused.

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