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2 woman injured after SUV strikes house in Illinois car accident

There were no deaths in a recent accident near Chicago, Illinois, but two women were injured in the crash. The accident took place when one vehicle, an SUV, ran a stop sign. A second vehicle, a smaller car, was coming through the intersection legally. The SUV slammed into the car, bounced off of it, and then drove over a lawn and into the side of a house. It did not hit the house straight on and go through the wall, but glanced off and smashed down the side of the building, breaking out windows as it went.

Police say that they do not yet know why the driver of the SUV did not yield at the stop sign. A witness to the scene said that a woman got out of the SUV when the police arrived, apologized to them for what had happened and was taken away. There was also a baby in the SUV who was not injured. Additionally, a woman was in the house when the car crashed into it, but she was not hurt either.

The driver of the car did have to be taken to the hospital, though. She was trapped in her car after the accident. The firefighters were able to get her out so that she could get medical care. Her injuries have not been reported to be life-threatening, and neither were those of the driver of the SUV.

No matter the extent of her injuries, the driver of the car has a right to get compensation for the medical expenses that are sure to accumulate after she arrived at the hospital. Compensation may be sought in a civil action for claims of pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses and other damages.

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