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Chicago train crashes into car stuck on the tracks

It was a terrifying day for one driver in Chicago, Illinois, when her car got stuck on the train tracks as a Metra train bore down on her. The driver was attempting to cross the tracks when her wheels began spinning on the ice and snow. She tried to back up and the car moved a few feet, but it was not nearly enough to get out of the way of the train. The train blew its horn, but there was no stopping at that point, and it slammed into the front of the car. The car then spun away from the tracks, spinning at least twice, the front end smashed into a mess of metal, before coming to a stop.

The woman who was driving the car was not able to get out of it before the collision. The person who filmed the whole thing with his cell phone admitted that his heart was beating incredibly hard after witnessing it because he did not know if he had just seen a fatal car accident. Amazingly, though, the woman was able to walk away from the crash without any injuries. Her car was totaled, but she was fine.

The only issue for the Metra system is that they were running way behind for the rest of the day. A lot of people were stranded, waiting for their trains in the cold winter weather.

No matter how accidents occur, drivers deserve to have representation if they have to go to court. In this case, it is unknown if the Metra system is considering any legal action against the driver for damage to the train or for the delay, but it could have been a different story if the driver was killed or if anyone on the train was injured. Most likely, it will be chalked up little more than a standard accident, since the driver was doing her best to get off of the tracks.

Source: NBC Chicago, “Caught On Camera: Metra Train Slams Into Car” No author given, Feb. 17, 2014