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Will deadly ATV crash result in family feud?

A deadly ATV accident could result in both criminal and civil litigation soon, pitting family members against each other in an effort to provide justice to a 19-year-old who tragically lost her life because of her cousin’s negligent behavior.

The fatal accident occurred on October 6 when a 24-year-old from Philo was driving an ATV on a gravel road. While driving, police say the vehicle started to skid, eventually turning onto its side. When emergency crews arrived, the 24-year-old woman’s 19-year-old cousin was found off to the side. Though she was conscious when she was airlifted to the hospital, police say she later died from her injuries.

The 24-year-old has since been charged with a misdemeanor DUI and was cited a ticket for failure to reduce speed to avoid and accident. As some of our readers may know, drunk driving accidents such as this often end badly and leave victims and/or their families left with a sense of injustice. This feeling can become even more conflicted in situations such as this when other family members are the cause of a wrongful death.

Though its unknown if the Illinois family in this story will choose to seek compensation for the 19-year-old’s death, it could be an option worth pursuing. Of course, a decision such as this can be a difficult one to make and may require advice from a knowledgeable attorney. In the end, while a wrongful death case could create tensions in the family, seeking justice for the 19-year-old victim and gaining a sense of closure may be a more powerful incentive in the end.

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