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Two Chicago Transit Authority trains collide, 33 injured

It has only been a matter of days since two Chicago Transit Authority trains collided with each other at the Harlem Station in Forest Park but people in Illinois may be starting to wonder who will be found at fault in this accident and what this will mean for the injured victims.

The serious accident took place just west of Chicago when one train, which was stopped on the tracks at the station when another train suddenly slammed into it. The collision resulted in a service shutdown for several hours as emergency crews attended to those who had been injured in the crash.

According to investigators, 33 people were transported to different area hospitals for what appeared to be non-serious injuries. One of whom was a train operator whose name and condition have not yet been released to the public at this time. But while investigators try to determine the ultimate cause of the crash, the victims may be wondering what their next steps will be.

In similar commercial vehicle accidents, victims have sought legal representation, which can be helpful when trying to obtain compensation from negligent parties. Because the investigation is still ongoing in this case though, determining fault for the sake of a civil suit may need to wait until the investigation is complete. This could mean mounting medical bills and even lost wages for those who were injured, which are both things that are often recuperated in personal injury lawsuits. Will this be the next step that the victims in this crash decide to take? Only time will tell now.

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