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Lawsuit brought against Illinois nursing home after alleged abuse

Cases of nursing home abuse and neglect can be troubling and tragic. It is important for family members of victims to know how to protect their loved ones and how to protect themselves through the legal options available to them if their loved ones have suffered from nursing home abuse or neglect.

A recent case of nursing home abuse in a nearby Illinois community south of the Arlington Heights area highlights the harm that victims and families can suffer as a result of nursing home abuse. A lawsuit was recently filed on behalf of a 76-year-old resident of a local nursing home. According to the lawsuit, the victim was abused and humiliated by staff at the nursing home, who were also named in the lawsuit.

Construction accident in Illinois kills one and injures another

Our readers may have seen the reports about a recent construction accident in a nearby Illinois community west of the Arlington Heights area that left one construction worker dead and another construction worker injured. One worker was killed and the second worker was critically injured when a steel beam fell on them at the construction site. A crane was being used to unload steel beams at the site at the time of the construction accident. The beam was approximately 30 feet in the air when the crane failed and the beam dropped.

A 55-year-old construction worker was killed in the accident and a 27-year-old worker was injured. The worker who was killed was first taken to the hospital and then pronounced dead. The 27-year-old worker was also taken to the hospital and was listed in critical condition. He had to be extracted from underneath the steel beam. Construction workers were working on a nine-story apartment building at the time of the accident. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has opened an investigation into the accident.

Legal protections for victims of truck accidents

The size and weight disparity of trucks can cause catastrophic accidents and injuries. While car accidents can be unquestionably serious, truck accidents can be devastating for victims and their families. Victims and their family members may be able to recover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering damages and other types of damages depending on the circumstances.

Victims of truck accidents and their families may wind up facing serious injuries, medical expenses, lost wages and emotional trauma as a result of a truck accident. Worse yet, surviving family members may be left with a host of financial and emotional damages following a fatal truck accident. As a result, it is important for truck accident victims and their families to be familiar with their legal rights and protections.

Chemical restraint -- nursing homes' dark secret

Realizing that a loved one is no longer capable of caring for him or herself is incredibly difficult. You may have struggled with the decision to place your parent, aunt or grandparent in the care of a nursing home but probably came to the conclusion that it was for the best. After all, these facilities are supposed to have trained staff and the right equipment to provide careful and loving care to patients. 

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a widespread problem not just in Illinois, but across the rest of the United States. Patients with Alzheimer's disease, dementia and other disorders that affect the brain are especially at risk. 

What is a failure to diagnose?

A failure to diagnose the results in the wrong treatment or no treatment at all can be harmful to a medical patient and may be considered medical malpractice. Legal protections through a medical malpractice claim for damages can help victims attempt to recover compensation for the harm they have suffered as a result of a failure to diagnose.

If a failure to diagnose, delayed diagnosis or incorrect diagnosis that results in a disease progression beyond that which would have resulted had the medical condition been properly and timely diagnosed occurs, the medical professional may be liable for medical malpractice and the harm the victim suffered. When determining if the doctor or medical care professional was negligent, the court will determine what a reasonably prudent doctor, in similar circumstances, would have done.

Dog bite laws in Illinois protects victims

A dog attack can leave victims suffering from physical and emotional injuries and may also leave them with a stack of medical bills and an inability to work while they recover from their injuries. Fortunately, personal injury legal protections are available to help victims with the physical, financial and emotional damages suffered in a dog attack, but it helps to know what dog bite laws are.

Dog bite laws in Illinois protect victims. Because Illinois dog bite law is what is referred to as a "strict liability" law, it provides a high degree of protection for victims injured by another party's dog. In Illinois, pet owners are strictly liable to victims for the harm their pets cause. This means that even if the owner was unaware that the dog had a propensity to bite, they are still liable if the dog attacks and injures or otherwise harms a victim.

What is medical malpractice and how do I protect myself?

Having trust in your doctor is important which is why you may have questions if you have been the victim of medical malpractice. There are different ways in which a doctor of medical care professional may commit medical malpractice and one way is if they fail to diagnose a medical condition.

A failure to diagnose or erroneous diagnosis can result in the patient not being treated at all or the wrong medical condition being treated which can be harmful to the patient. Additionally, a delayed diagnosis can result in a worsening medical condition. If the failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis resulted in a worsened medical condition, the doctor or medical care provider responsible may be liable to the victim for the harm and damages they have suffered.

Workers' compensation protections for construction accidents

Workers can suffer serious injuries in workplace accidents and construction workers can be at even more risk of suffering harm in a construction accident. Because construction accidents can threaten the livelihood of injured workers, it is important for injured workers to be familiar with their legal protections and rights.

Construction accidents and injuries can occur in a variety of situations including injuries that result from dangerous scaffolding; falls from ladders or other areas on the job site; harm resulting from poorly maintained equipment; injuries caused by falling debris; electrical hazards on the job; and violations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules and standards. Whatever the situation may be, a construction accident leaves an injured worker unable to work to provide for their families and oftentimes facing mounting medical bills and expenses.

The dangers of childbirth for U.S. mothers

When things go wrong during childbirth, the ramifications can be significant. For one, it could result in children suffering birth injuries. It could also expose mothers to harm.

Unfortunately, it appears that mothers facing serious dangers in connection to childbirth is not nearly as uncommon in the U.S. as one would hope. A recent USA Today report indicates that, among countries in the developed world, America is the most dangerous place for mothers to give birth.

Electric scooters coming to Chicago

It was bound to happen. After their fly-by-night deployment in dozens of cities across the country, dockless electric scooters are coming to Chicago. You’ll see them zipping around music festivals soon, though Lime, the scooter-sharing company, isn’t announcing which ones in advance. While the concept of scooter sharing is certainly novel, there are unanswered questions when it comes to safety.

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