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Car accidents: How sad when the victims are at the start of life

A recent fatal accident once again underscores the tragedy that occurs when a young person, just starting out in life, is senselessly killed. Fatal car accidents involving teenagers are a significant concern. The latest collision took the life of an 18-year-old college student and seriously injured the passenger riding with her. 

At around 1 p.m. on a recent Sunday, the driver of a sedan crossed over the median of Interstate 57 into oncoming traffic, causing a head-on accident with a jeep. The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville student was driving the jeep. She succumbed to her injuries that day. Her 18-year-old passenger in the jeep was seriously injured and was airlifted to the hospital. The 25-year-old car driver and a passenger escaped serious injury in the crash.

High speed car accidents mostly ends in tragedy

There is little doubt that traveling at high speeds is dangerous and reckless. The victims seriously injured in high speed car accidents, and/or their families, are often left to deal with the aftermath of these accidents, especially the financial consequences. Fortunately, consulting an Illinois personal injury lawyer need not contribute to the financial concerns, as many lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means no initial costs for the client.

The families of four people seriously injured in a high speed car accident over a recent weekend in June may be in precisely such a situation where they have to make decisions about the way forward. The accident happened on a recent Friday evening, just after 8:30 p.m. Reports indicate the car the four people were traveling in was going very fast when the driver hit two poles planted next to one another.

Car accidents: The size of the car may determine how safe one is

A study done over a three-year period by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has once again confirmed findings relating to the safety of smaller cars. Car accidents in which small cars were involved led to the most driver fatalities. It has been documented that bigger cars offer greater protection to occupants than smaller car models.

While the findings may be worrisome for Illinois drivers of smaller cars, they can take solace in the fact that it was found that cars of all sizes performed better in the crash tests. According to the IIHS, this is a clear indication that there is a constant improvement in vehicle safety features. Unfortunately, there is only so much the improvements in design and safety technology of cars can prevent. While small cars do not seem to have a safety benefit, they do hold an economic benefit.

Neglect -- one of the most common forms of nursing home abuse

One of the more concerning issues in Illinois, as in the greater American society today, is the neglect of elderly patients in care facilities. The neglect of the elderly is considered to be one of the more prevalent forms of nursing home abuse. When a patient does not get the necessary standard of care, it constitutes neglect.

There are a number of signals that may point to the possibility to neglect of a patient, especially when a combination of these signals are evident. Warning signs may include lack of personal hygiene and unsanitary living conditions, as well as malnutrition and dehydration. One should also be concerned when it appears as if the elderly patient seems not to receive the needed assistance to move around enough or shows signs of injuries that seem inexplicable.

Nursing home abuse: Lack of care alleged in death of resident

The legal estate of a former occupant of an Illinois care facility has filed a civil suit against the facility, claiming lack of care resulted in the death of the occupant. The lawsuit claims that the deceased became dehydrated and malnourished. She also developed a urinary tract infection. These symptoms are all indicative of a lack of care and constitutes nursing home abuse.

In the suit, it is alleged that the deceased was pale and weak, her heart rate was abnormal, and she was showing signs of diminished oxygen saturation. However, despite these signs and symptoms, the facility did not send her to an emergency room. Furthermore, in a period of five weeks between May and middle June, the patient lost 42 pounds, but no medical practitioner was consulted. At this point, the victim started complaining of abdominal pain and, within a week, found it impossible to eat. She died a few days later.

Car accidents: Negligence may result in civil claims

When the negligence or recklessness of a driver of a motor vehicle results in injuries to other road users, the driver may find him or herself answering to personal injury or wrongful death claims. Many Illinois personal injury lawyers assist the victims of car accidents in the filing civil claims, based upon a contingency fee basis. In short, this means that there will be no initial costs to the client.

The family of a 49-year-old man who passed away after a car accident may find solace in the knowledge that a wrongful death claim may be appropriate. The accident happened just before 9 a.m. on a recent Sunday morning in May. It is reported that the deceased was northbound on Route 71 when his vehicle was struck head-on by another vehicle, which crossed the center line.

Bedsores may point to nursing home abuse and neglect

When elderly loved ones become incapable of caring for themselves, a nursing home is often the best option to choose. Generally one expects a care facility to provide patients with a reasonable standard of care. Unfortunately, regular reports of nursing home abuse and/or neglect portrays a completely different picture.  

Illinois families who are concerned about loved ones in care may benefit from a consultation with one of the attorneys at our law firm. An evaluation of the case may provide clarity on the needed steps to take. Fortunately, we work on a contingency basis, meaning no initial cost to plaintiffs.

Illinois focus now on car accidents due to distracted driving

Distracted driving is not a new concept. Car accidents due to drivers being distracted by their passengers, the radio or even eating and drinking have been happening for many years,. However Illinois officials are of the opinion that smartphones are the most dangerous distraction of all.

Statistics indicate that every year 1.6 million car accidents happen because drivers are distracted, and during 2015 alone, 3,477 fatalities occurred due to distracted driving in the United States. A recent survey among U. S. drivers indicates that 81 percent of them recognize the dangers of texting as a driver, but at the same time approximately 50 percent admit to texting while driving as recently as the last 30 days. It is particularly young drivers who are the most at risk, as they have grown up with the technology. Illinois traffic officials, in conjunction with the American Automobile Association, are planning to create awareness of the dangers involved with using a phone while driving by stigmatizing the habit, education and enforcing the law. 

Nursing home deaths: mother dies due to nurse's error

The seemingly unnecessary death of a 52-year-old Illinois mother while in a nursing home once again places the focus on the standard of care patients are entitled to receive from care facilities.  When nursing home deaths occur due to the negligence of staff members, families may have the option for legal recourse. Fortunately, many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means financial constraints should not deter a family from exercising their right to sue in civil court.

The family of the deceased woman opted to file a wrongful death lawsuit. According to her family, she was in the nursing home to recuperate for a few weeks after a bout of pneumonia. The victim was a diabetic and suffered from kidney failure and needed time to recuperate.

Car accidents: tragic when teenager victims are killed

The loved ones left behind after fatal vehicle wrecks are often left searching for answers and seeking ways to find solace. While many families would like to seek advice from an Illinois personal injury lawyer after fatal car accidents, worries about possible costs may deter them from consulting an attorney. Fortunately, many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means no initial payment for the client.

The parents of a 17-year-old girl killed in an accident on a recent Friday afternoon in April may be in precisely this position. The head-on accident between a pickup truck and a large box truck was reported at about 2 p.m. The pickup truck was driven by a 20-year-old woman, traveling with two passengers, while a man in his 30s was driving the box truck.

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