Choking At Nursing Homes: Is Your Loved One Affected?

Many nursing home residents are unable to eat by themselves. This is either due to dementia or other cognitive deficits that can cause a person to essentially forget how to eat or swallow, or due to a physical inability to swallow. In either case, it is important for nursing home staff to be familiar with the type of diet a resident is on to ensure he or she does not choke.

Problems can occur when residents are provided the wrong type of food. Patients with dysphagia (the inability to swallow), are often ordered liquid or pureed diets. Giving patients with dysphagia solid food will often lead to them choking.

To protect your loved one in a nursing home setting, it is important to make sure that he or she has been properly evaluated for any possible swallowing issues, and that an appropriate diet has been ordered. Additionally, it is important to make sure that staff at the nursing home is aware of their diet restrictions so that no mistakes are made. Even with diligent observation of your loved one, mistakes can and have happened, which have led to dire consequences.

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