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Why do rollover truck accidents happen in Illinois?

Tanker trucks are sometimes involved in rollover accidents, which can be a serious hazard to other cars driving behind or next to those vehicles, as an out of control tanker can quickly cause a pileup. In order to better understand why these accidents happen and to keep the roads safe, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has investigated the causes for these accidents.

Semi truck accidents kill as many as weekly jet crashes

Some people feel that it is surprising that the public has not been more vocal about the amount of death caused by semi truck accidents, seeing as how they take approximately 4,000 lives every year. In fact, to put that in perspective, it's the same as if there were weekly mid-range commuter jet crashes every week, all year long, and if everyone on those jets was killed.

Hit-and-run crash in Illinois leaves 2 injured

A hit-and-run accident in Illinois left two people with injuries and police scrambling to gather all of the evidence to identify the driver who fled the scene. The crash happened out on the Dan Ryan Expressway, which runs through the South Side. It took place early in the morning on Monday, Nov. 24, with some of the first stories breaking just before 5 a.m. Police place the crash at closer to 3:30 a.m.

Mobile phones restricted for Illinois truck drivers

While it is important for truck drivers to be in communication with other drivers and their employers while on the road, the use of mobile phone has been shown to add a level of risk that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration would like to avoid. As such, restrictions have been released for drivers in Illinois and elsewhere, and failing to adhere to these restrictions can lead to fines for offending drivers.

Bond for driver in deadly Illinois wreck set at $1 million

A semi-truck driver is being held in police custody after he allegedly caused a wreck out on Interstate 55 in Illinois, a crash that took four lives and injured four more people. One of the people who died was a girl of eleven. The truck driver has faced a bond hearing, and his bond has now been set at $1 million. The man is from Leesburg, Indiana, and he is 51 years old.

Cyclist killed by cement truck in Illinois

The loss of an ID card turned tragic when the cyclist whose ID had been stolen was riding her bike back home after visiting the Secretary of State's office. It was on that ride that she was struck by a cement truck, and she died from her injuries. She was just 28 years old.

2 trucks and a bus collide on Chicago interstate

The Dan Ryan Expressway was closed down in the southbound lanes after an accident, but authorities were able to work hard to get it opened back up again. This happened on Tuesday, June 3, and the lanes were closed off from some time in the afternoon until about 6:30 in the evening.

Driver hit and killed by truck in Illinois after accident

A Chicago, Illinois, accident that was originally not physically damaging to those involved turned fatal when another truck came to the site. The first accident took place on Division Street, near the Kennedy Expressway, just before 6:30 a.m. A semi-truck and a van collided. Both stopped, and the truck driver got out of his vehicle and began to take pictures of the scene to document the damage that had been done.

Fatal truck accident on I-55 in Illinois

A fatal truck accident took the life of one man on I-55, in Illinois. The police report from the accident indicates that it took place on Wednesday afternoon, prior to 3 p.m., and the crash was located near south Romeoville. Two trucks collided, and the driver of one of those trucks was killed. No one else passed away as a result of the accident.

Not guilty plea from trucker involved in deadly semi-truck crash

A trucker who had allegedly been driving more than he was allowed to under current regulations was involved in a deadly crash on the tollway near Chicago, Illinois. Two vehicles, one of which belonged to a state trooper, were stopped on the side of the tollway, where another car had broken down. They were both attempting to help that car's driver get the vehicle working again. The truck slammed into the parked cars, killing one of the men and injuring the trooper so badly that the doctors have been using medication to keep him asleep while his body heals.

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