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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

Alleged drunk driver hits Illinois State Police car

A state trooper for District 7 was driving through Illinois, doing a routine prisoner transfer, when his official police squad car was hit by another vehicle at an intersection. After the accident, the police determined that the driver of that other vehicle was under the influence of alcohol, and he was arrested on those charges.

Any type of alcohol can lead to drunk driving in Illinois

People sometimes think that the type of alcohol they consume makes a difference in how drunk they get, but this is a myth. The reality is that the amount of alcohol consumed determines the impact on the body, so any type of drinking can then lead to DUI charges for those who drink and drive.

Who has the most risk in a fatal drunk driving accident?

When analyzing statistics taken from drunk driving accidents, you can see which groups tend to have the most risk in these crashes. Of course, whether you are in the following groups or not, you must make sure that you know your rights to compensation in Illinois if you were injured or if you lost a loved one. Still, it can still be interesting to see what the numbers tell you.

Compensation after holiday DUI accidents in Illinois

Many people like to enjoy alcoholic beverages around the holidays, especially on New Year's Eve. While most people in Illinois may then make the wise decision and call a cab to get home from the bar or the party, there are always going to be some who decide that they are going to take a risk and drive home. This can lead to tragic accidents that cause others to be seriously injured or even killed.

How many car accidents in Illinois involve alcohol?

While you may worry about being involved in drunk driving accidents in Illinois, you may also find yourself wondering how many accidents are actually caused by alcohol and how many are caused by other factors. Are drunk driving crashes something that you really need to worry about, or should you be more concerned about factors like reckless drivers and road conditions in the winter?

The frequency of accidents caused by drunk drivers

Americans certainly use their cars quite often. Some statistics show that people in the United States take trips in their vehicles 233 billion times per year. While some of the people who are driving are under the influence of alcohol, the same stats show that there is only one drunk driver for each 2,000 trips.

DUI accident in Illinois leaves young woman paralyzed

A woman in Illinois was injured seriously in a car accident, and she has been forced to use a wheelchair ever since. Among other injuries, her pelvis was crushed in the crash, she developed a blood clot near her brain, and she was trapped in the car. There were three other people with her -- including the driver -- who were able to get out of the vehicle.

Pedestrian struck and killed in DUI accident in Illinois

A pedestrian passed away after being struck by a pickup truck in Illinois. The driver of that truck has now been picked up on DUI charges; at this time, the police have just said that they suspect that the driver was operating the vehicle while under the influence. The crash happened on Sept. 9, and it was out in McHenry.

Holding drunk drivers and other parties accountable for injuries

Knowing a loss of life could have been avoided can make processing the death of someone close to you harder. A Chicago driver's wrongdoing might be punished through a criminal court. Illinois civil courts penalize a driver's thoughtlessness or reckless by awarding damages to injured victims and surviving family members.

Charges for man in fatal Chicago crash who left scene

A man from East Chicago is now facing multiple charges after he was involved in a fatal car accident. He allegedly left the accident scene after the crash occurred, which is a violation in its own right, and reports also indicate that his blood alcohol content was over .15, which is more than the legal limit.

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