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March 2015 Archives

Semi and pickup collide in Illinois, driver airlifted

A man in Geneseo, Illinois, had to be airlifted to get medical treatment after he was seriously injured in a car accident. The accident happened near Black Hill Road, out to the north of the city. That road is also commonly referred to as County Highway 1. The crash took place at the intersection where Black Hill Road connects with Illinois Route 92.

How cerebral palsy impacts a child

Often, cerebral palsy happens because of issues while a child is being born that limit the amount of oxygen that the child gets. The lack of oxygen can then cause brain damage. Of course, many parents will not see the full impact of cerebral palsy right away, so it is something you may want to look out for as your child grows.

Being a police officer could be getting safer in Illinois

Everyone knows that being a police officer comes with certain risks and dangers, and that's never going to change. It's the nature of the job. However, stats from 2013 indicate that being a law officer could actually be getting safer in Illinois and across the United States.

Any type of alcohol can lead to drunk driving in Illinois

People sometimes think that the type of alcohol they consume makes a difference in how drunk they get, but this is a myth. The reality is that the amount of alcohol consumed determines the impact on the body, so any type of drinking can then lead to DUI charges for those who drink and drive.

Why do people neglect to start medical malpractice claims?

People in Illinois do not always start medical malpractice claims when they should. In some cases, of course, this could be because they simply do not yet know that anything is wrong; they may think that excess pain they are feeling is just part of the normal recovery process and not because the doctor made a mistake. In cases where people do know that mistakes were made, though, why would they choose not to seek compensation?

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