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February 2015 Archives

Why do rollover truck accidents happen in Illinois?

Tanker trucks are sometimes involved in rollover accidents, which can be a serious hazard to other cars driving behind or next to those vehicles, as an out of control tanker can quickly cause a pileup. In order to better understand why these accidents happen and to keep the roads safe, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has investigated the causes for these accidents.

Whiteout conditions lead to multiple crashes in Illinois

Around noon on Valentine's Day, reports starting flowing in that there were multiple accidents out on Interstate 55 in Illinois. Some of the wrecks were multi-car crashes, blocking lanes and slowing traffic. With many of the accidents taking place near Gardner, the police eventually had to close the entire southbound side of the interstate down. This was done both to give them a chance to clear the roads of crashed vehicles and to ensure that more vehicles did not come along and run into those that had already crashed.

The definition of wrong site surgery in Illinois

There are four different ways that wrong site surgery, often referred to as WSS, can occur. First of all, surgery could be done on the wrong side of a patient, such as amputating the left arm when the right arm needed amputations. The surgery can also, as the name implies, simply occur at the wrong site, such as when surgery is done on a leg instead of an arm.

Dangers other than falls in the Illinois construction industry

Often, falls get the credit for being the way that most workers in the construction industry are hurt or killed on the job. While this is true in Illinois -- and all across the United States, for that matter -- it's important for workers to remember that there are other dangers, as well. Namely, malfunctioning equipment can be very dangerous.

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