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March 2014 Archives

Fatal car accident claims the life of police officer

A police officer who had been working on the force for three decades was killed while on duty in a car accident. The initial reports were that his injuries in the crash were not going to be life-threatening, though they were serious, but his condition got worse at the hospital, and he did pass away. At this time, however, a specific cause of death has not yet been released.

A mother and her son both face DUI charges in Illinois

Both a mother and her son in Illinois were arrested for drunk driving. The first incident took place when the car that the son was driving slid off of the roadway and was stuck in a snowbank. Someone who saw him called it in, reporting it to the police while he was still trying to get the car back on the road. They arrived at the scene, determined that the man was a drunk driver and arrested him.

2 woman injured after SUV strikes house in Illinois car accident

There were no deaths in a recent accident near Chicago, Illinois, but two women were injured in the crash. The accident took place when one vehicle, an SUV, ran a stop sign. A second vehicle, a smaller car, was coming through the intersection legally. The SUV slammed into the car, bounced off of it, and then drove over a lawn and into the side of a house. It did not hit the house straight on and go through the wall, but glanced off and smashed down the side of the building, breaking out windows as it went.

Not guilty plea from trucker involved in deadly semi-truck crash

A trucker who had allegedly been driving more than he was allowed to under current regulations was involved in a deadly crash on the tollway near Chicago, Illinois. Two vehicles, one of which belonged to a state trooper, were stopped on the side of the tollway, where another car had broken down. They were both attempting to help that car's driver get the vehicle working again. The truck slammed into the parked cars, killing one of the men and injuring the trooper so badly that the doctors have been using medication to keep him asleep while his body heals.

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